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Exchange and Return Policy
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • You may return any merchandise purchased within 30 calendar days of receipt of merchandise for full credit, partial refund, exchange, and/or store credit under the following terms and conditions (READ CAREFULLY):

    Return Terms and Conditions
    1. Products must be returned in NEW and UNOPENED condition as shipped from the manufacturer OR in the products advertised condition (i.e. damaged/refurbished items). Boxes, packaging materials, wrappers, cartons, instruction manuals, warranty cards, and products must be in their ORIGINAL condition and quantity without markings, tape, folds, tears or defacing.
    2. The return must be initiated by a RMA Request within 30 calendar days of receipt of merchandise. Initiating an RMA request is explained below. Returned items made without prior return notification or fulfilled inspection for completeness will not qualify for refund under these terms.

    Following the RMA Request Instructions below to initiate your return will result in faster service and reduce delays in processing.

    RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) Request
    1. Initiate a return by e-mailing us at to request a RMA Number. In the Subject, write "RMA Request" and your Order Number. Provide the Order Number, Product Name, Model Number, Date of Purchase, Quantity Purchased, and other details of the merchandise returned in question.
    2. After we receive your RMA Request, we will e-mail you a reply and issue you a RMA Number trackable from your Order History. The reply will contain a return shipping address and the same instructions as shown here.
    3. Upon receipt of RMA Number, ship the merchandise and a copy of the invoice in a well padded and packaged parcel via a pre-paid method back to us within 24 hours. For your protection, insure the package and ship via a method with Real-Time Tracking (i.e. UPS or FedEx). Your return shipping will not be refunded.
    4. E-mail us at with the Tracking Number for your package. Upon receipt, we will send a confirmation e-mail indicating that we received the Tracking Number and track the package until it arrives at our location.

    RMA Processing Procedure
    1. Merchandise inspected thoroughly and found to satisfy the above terms and conditions are eligible for full credit (excluding Shipping Insurance and Shipping & Handling) applied towards an exchange for other merchandise, store credit for purchasing items at a later time, and/or a cash refund. Items returned for a cash refund will incur an additional 20% Return and Refund Processing Fee*.
    2. Merchandise found to not satisfy the above terms and conditions will not be eligible for credit. No exceptions.
    3. Refund procedures for Credit Card, PayPal, Check/Money Order are listed below.

    *A 20% return and refund processing fee is applied towards processing costs and labor as well as to prevent abuse of this system. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Received Incorrect Product
  • Provided we receive the item back in the same condition as when it was initially shipped, we will ship out the correct item free of charge. We do double-check everything before shipping and expect this to be a very, very rare situation.
Refund Procedures
  • Listed below are our refund methods. If you would like to modify or cancel an existing order that has not been shipped, we can :

    1. Exchange the item for other in-stock items.
    2. -OR-
      Issue a partial or full cash refund by:
    3. Store Credit: No Fee. It is the easiest out of the refund methods. Store credit is kept electronically on our system and your balance is viewable on the My Cart page under Voucher Balance when you are logged in. To use your Store Credit, click on the "Tick to use Gift Voucher Balance" checkbox on the Checkout Payment page and it will apply the store credit to your order.
    4. Credit Card: No Fee. Credit Card refunds can only be given within 120 calendar days of the charge per the credit card company rules. Credit Card refunds can not be issued for orders before November 15, 2005 due to credit card processor transfer. Once the refund is validated and accepted, it will take 1 to 3 business days for the refund to post back to your credit card account.
    5. PayPal: No Fee. We use the PayPal Refund or Send Money option to instantly refund your purchase back into your PayPal account. PayPal refunds generally take 2 to 3 business days to post to your PayPal account.
    6. Money Order: Applicable Fee. There is an applicable fee to cover postage, materials, processing, and shipping & handling for the Money Order. Here are the rates: $5.00 for USA Customers, $6.00 for Canadian Customers, and TBD for Intl. Customers. We will send out your Money Order by USPS First Class Mail.
Additional Information
  • If you require additional information on any topic covered here, please contact us here:


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