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Shipping Insurance
  • Though we pack our shipments VERY carefully, accidents can happen. If an item is damaged or lost and you purchased shipping insurance, we will either (1) send you a scanned copy of the insured mail receipt or Insurance Claim Number via e-mail in which you can use to file a claim with the U.S. Postal Service or with the United Parcel Service -OR- (2) if we chose to insure your package by Endicia Insurance or U-PIC Insurance, we will request a signed letter from you after 30 days have elapsed for Domestic shipments or after 45 days have elapsed for International shipments.

    The signed letter must state the following:
    1. Date the package was mailed.
    2. Invoice or order number.
    3. Description of products ordered.
    4. If loss, state parcel never received; if damage, state description of damage and if repairable. If repairable, state the cost of repair; if not repairable, state any salvage value.
    5. Signature and date.

    A replacement shipment or a full refund for the order will be issued shortly after we receive and process the paperwork with Endicia or U-PIC Insurance. More information regarding USPS and UPS insurance claims can be found on the USPS and UPS sites.

    If you did not purchase shipping insurance and your shipment is either damaged or lost, we will not refund your money nor be held accountable. This service does not cover nor is available for USPS First-Class Mail International packages.

Additional Information
  • If you require additional information on any topic covered here, please contact us here:


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